Making Sense of Streaming

Our Watch API makes tv a more personalized experience.

Up Next

Aggregated viewing data and histories from across any device.


Personalized bundles for sale where viewers watch.


AI-powered insights from comprehensive usage and sales data.

FAST (Coming Soon)

AI-powered FAST recommendations and discovery.

DMP (Coming Soon)

AI-powered audience profiles for ad targeting and content recommendations.

Payments (Coming Soon)

Facilitate transactions with Paket or with native platform payment methods.


Drive engagement & time spent viewing

View Histories

Our UpNext API drives engagement via personalized home screen experiences with device agnostic watch histories.

More features


Mitigate churn and reach viewers where they watch through first and third-party streaming bundles comprised of top tier apps.

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User Analytics

Comprehensive, anonymized first-party data across Paket's suite of end user features, bundles, payments, and more.

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Ready to engage? Make it so!

App Publishers

Your most valuable customer retention tool

Syndicated Watch Histories

Keep your content top of mind through watch history syndication to any partner platform via a single integration.

Free to Use

There is never a cost to app publishers to use Paket's core API products, including our Up Next and Bundles APIs.

The Power of the Bundle

Aggregate user value and mitigate churn through participation in personalized bundles sold directly on connected TVs.

Valuable Real Estate

Ensure your content is featured on partner platforms and televisions as part of a user-first experience.

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